The A - Z Of Passing Your Road Test

Taking your first Road Test can be nerve racking. No matter how old you are, the pressure of passing can be scary. However, with patience and the know how, you can pass the road test quite easily.

Before anything, you need to know all about the road test. Even if every city and road test site are slightly different, they still have many things in common.

Having all the required documents before driving to the road test site is important. Without them the instructor will not allow you to drive.

· A valid NYS learner’s permit with a picture.

· A valid 5-hour class certificate (form MV-278), or a valid Driver education certificate (form MV-285).

· If you’re under 18, a signed 50-hour driving form (MV-262).

With all these documents ready, you now can schedule a road test. Booking through the DMV can give you a wait time of 2 months until you actually take the road test. With, you can schedule a road test in 9 days or less and get your license right away.

Besides bringing the proper documentation, you should check your car to make sure it’s acceptable for the road test. You do not want to get there just for the examiner to deny you the road test because your car isn’t up to snuff.

· Check the expiration date and validity of your car’s registration and inspection.

· The vehicle you bring must be in safe operating condition and all lights and mirrors must be operational.

· You must drive to the road test site with a licensed driver who is over 21.

When arriving at the test site, there are a couple of things you need to do.

· Be there at least 15 minutes early – depending on the test site, there may be at least 20 people in front of you waiting to get tested. Road test sites usually have 2-5 examiners; the more examiners your road test site has, the faster it will be.

· When it’s your turn, a DMV inspector will check your paperwork and assign an examiner to your car. Show the examiner your cars registration, your learners permit, and all your required forms. You are then ready to start the road test.

· The examiner will get in the car, and put on their seatbelt. You should do the same. The examiner will then give you instructions the rest of the way. Follow what they say.

· The duration of the whole road test is 10-15 minutes.

Being nervous to take the road test is completely normal. As Anton Chekhov said, "Knowledge is of no value unless you put in into practice." As much as knowing the material helps, it’s all about practice.

· Practice 3 Point Turn/ K-Turn/ Broken U Turn - These are all the same turns. Always practice using your turn signals, look out for cars and pedestrians, and check your side mirrors.

· Practice parallel parking – Don’t be too nervous about it. The examiners give you ample time for parallel parking; as well as being allowed to fix it if you are either too far from the curb or getting too close. You may get points off for hitting the curb on a road test, but if you don’t hit a car or the curb too forcefully you will generally pass.

· Practice full stops at a stop sign – Don’t slow down and continue driving; do an actual full stop.

After the road test, depending on how many points you received on your test, the examiner will give you a paper that indicates if you passed or failed.

· If you passed – The examiner will stamp the paper, and you will need to sign the bottom of it. This is your temporary license. You should receive your driver’s license in the mail within approximately two weeks.

· If you failed – You will be given back your five hour class certificate, and will need to schedule another road test. When scheduling your next road test with the DMV, it may take you about 6-8 weeks to take the road test again. In addition, the DMV charges a mandatory $10 fee for every two road test that you take.

We at know the annoyance and concerns of failing. If you booked by us for your first road test appointment and happened to fail, we will schedule a new road test in 9 days for free!

We want you to be extremely confident when taking the road test; therefore, we will continue making blogs on the best tips of how to pass your road test.

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